Saturday, September 19, 2015

Some Nerve!

We have noticed something odd about Rizzoli's cuddling habits (besides the fact that she is a cat that loves to cuddle) from the time that she came to live with us.  

She is definitely a momma's girl.  If I am sitting in the living room, she is on my lap.  She will even get off Josh's lap to sit on mine if I enter the room and sit down.  

She, for whatever reason, will rarely cuddle with me in bed.  If I go to bed she hangs out with Josh.  If Josh is also in bed, she will wake me up to let her under the covers and then crawl over to Josh's side of the bed to cuddle with him.

Only seldom does it happen any other way.  Something else we recently noticed was that when I was sleeping on the couch for an extended time due to back issues and acid reflux, she may not always sleep with me on the couch, but she wasn't sleeping with Josh at all.  Until I started sleeping in the bedroom again.  She then started her old habit of cuddling with Josh when I was in bed or had left for work.  

I have always wished she would come cuddle with me in bed, but with the exception of a handful of times, she is a daddy's girl when it comes to night time cuddles in bed.  Which is why, when THIS happens, Josh is in trouble.

Thursday night we had storms.  This always means that Rizzoli will be in the bed regardless of who else is in there.  It does not mean she will always be cuddling someone.  She usually heads straight to the bottom of the bed and sleeps by our feet.  Not this time though.  Every time she woke me up to let her under the covers she snuggled up next to me.

And each and every time, Josh would reach over in his sleep and scoop her away from me to cuddle with him.  And away she would go!  I finally get the bed cuddles that I always want (especially since I'm the one she woke up to let her in) and he poaches her from me!

I don't steal her from him on the off chances she chooses his lap in the living room over night.  I even tell her to go give her daddy some lovin.  But nooooo, Josh has to steal all the bedroom cuddles.  

I will need to think of payback.  (He will think that simply having this blog post written about him is enough payback.)

(He did watch like 4 or 5 hours of One Tree Hill with me last night as I was wrapping up some Netflix binge watching.  I know that was pretty rough on him.  He may have already paid his debt.  I'll have to think about it.)

I have to include this picture simply because I was contemplating cropping it and using it above, but decided I liked the recent photo I took of our date 2 weeks ago.  But this picture always makes me giggle.  It was the first time we were using the camera function on my Kindle Fire.  

Okay, I decided with just including the series because they were pretty damn funny.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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