Thursday, September 3, 2015

Subscriptions for Everyone!

Exclude bills from the line-up and mail can be FUN!

Today was a fun mail day for Rizzoli, but there is some backstory here.  I've been receiving a Jamberry Nail Wrap subscription since about February.  I love it!  It is so much fun getting a regular shipment you can count on every month.

Around the same time I was noticing an advertisement on Facebook about a Barkbox.  For those not familiar with Barkbox, it's a monthly subscription that your dog gets every month with various toys and treats.  I thought it looked like such a great idea and so much fun.  Since I don't have a dog, I had started looking for one for cats but  couldn't seem to find one.  Then one day I saw an advertisement for a KitNip box and I got so excited.

Later that night over dinner I was telling Josh about the KitNip box and told him that I needed to look at it a little more but that I was probably going to order it.  I also told him that I had been looking for a subscription for him but because he doesn't wear any cologne or anything like that all the subscriptions seemed like a lot.

The next morning I realized that I told Josh that I was getting our cat a monthly mail subscription and not him.  I felt a little bad even though I knew he didn't care.  So I decided to customize my own subscription for Josh.  Then I had a conversation with a co-worker and he told me about the subscription that he gets in the mail.  Very basic.

That same day I ordered Josh a subscription to the Dollar Shave Club.  There are three different subscription options.  The Humble Twin for $1.00,  The 4X for $6.00, or The Executive for $9.00.   I'll let the founder tell you more  ;o)

I ordered the 4X subscription and I don't think he has even opened the 2nd month yet.  He just received his 4th month last week.

Back to Rizzoli's subscription.  She also loves hers!  Just like any cat, she is excited over the box itself.  Rubs up against it while I'm cutting the tape.  I'm always afraid she's going to make a move that makes me snip her.

What has been so funny to watch is that as soon as I get the box opened, she quickly claims a favorite "prize" and runs away with it like a dog with a bone like if she doesn't get away from me I'm going to steal it from her.  It is so cute.

I, of course, always get some pictures and/or video.  The first 4 pictures here are from her subscription today.

 Her July box was extremely popular.

And then there is MY subscription box.  I also get really excited and start running around the house looking for a hiding place.  LOL  Just kidding.  But as soon as a new month turns over I do get really excited and impatient.  Especially this month because they've made some awesome changes.

The subscription that I get is for Jamberry Nail Wraps and it is called StyleBox.  The theme is that "your mail just got a little more stylish" and it is so true.  I love it when I open the mailbox and see that small little Jamberry box inside (although I always know that it's going to be there because I stock through US Postal Service through the tracking number.  Oh, I did the same with Rizzoli's box this week too.)

You take a quiz to see if you are Classic, Trendy, or Feminine.  It used to be that everyone got the same thing in their box, but taking the quiz and getting the results told you which style to look at to know how you wanted to wear them or pair them with your outfits or other wraps.  The other key point is that you didn't know what you were getting until you opened your box.  Each month was a surprise; if you didn't see a picture on social media by another subscriber who had gotten theirs before you.

Starting this month, those who are Classic will all get the same wraps, those who are Trendy will all get the same wraps, and those who are Feminine will all get the same wraps.  In September the surprise will be a bottle of Jamberry lacquer that we won't know what color we are getting until we open the box.  The other fun thing is that we know 10 days ahead of time what the wraps look like.  If we want a particular design and it isn't the style that we ended up with for the quiz, we can actually manually pick the design we liked.  Although I've never been unhappy with a wrap that I've gotten, I'm really excited about this change. 

I haven't received this months box yet so I don't have pictures....but I do have video!  I picked the Feminine design for myself this month because the design reminded me of a retired wrap that I just love!  I don't know what color lacquer I'm getting, but it will be one of the colors shown in the Feminine section of the video.

I am so nerdy over monthly mail subscriptions.  LOL

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